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"Yellow Gerberas"      
oil on board      
16 X 20 inches     About the Artist  

I was born and grew up in Brazil, and always loved art. Since young age I have had a sketchbook, but wasn't till later in life, living in the US - that I had chance to start attending art classes. I started at local college with adult classes, and continued working on my own. I visited local museums and studied and painted from the collections. In search of more instruction and I attended to several workshops in the L.A. area. At to LAAFA (L.A. Academy of Figurative Art), I had classes with Sergio Sanchez , Glenn Vilppu, Bill Rodgers and many others. I also attended figure drawing at the Pasadena Art Center College Of Design, and had plein air classes with Frank Serrano. I joined the California Art Club and participated in a few paint outs and got a few pieces in a couple shows and sold 2 of them . Currently I'm learning a lot from Dan Edmondson. One day I opened my facebook page and a gorgeous still life,( by Dan,) just came up on the right side of the screen and just couldn't help in not clicking on it and finding how to create such masterpieces. Being a dentist and being a owner of a very busy office, has been one of the obstacles that keeps me away from art school, so the opportunity of learning without leaving home was just what I was looking for. In a few lessons I learned how to create interesting compositions, learn about more color harmony, brush work, and also introduced to my usual palette beautiful exciting color that just make my paintings " pop". I love having the DVDs so I can always go back and watch the demo over , or even paint along with it. The most amazing and surprising feature is the support that Dan gives during the course. All the questions and emails are answered so, quickly that feels just like having an one on one support. The critiques are thorough, constructive and just made my paintings to look even better. I'm always looking forward for the next lesson. I forgot to mention the weekly tips and hand outs are awesome - there is so much packed in this workshop, it's amazing. I have posted most of my paintings on my art blog